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Mobile Blood Collection Service at home or at work

Our Goal

Our goal is to ensure that our clients are comfortable, safe and respected and that all specimens are properly collected and handled with utmost integrity to ensure accuracy of diagnostic testing. Medi-Clin can collect for most tests involving blood and urine collection.

What are the Benefits?

Some of the benefits of home and workplace collection include:

  • Avoid public waiting room
  • Waiting time is eliminated
  • Client anxiety is reduced
  • Very little time lost in the workplace
  • Extremely convenient for the elderly or those with reduced mobility

Generally, an appointment lasts 20 minutes.

 Collection Service Hours
  • Monday - Thursday 
    7:00 - 12:15
 Office Hours
  • Monday - Friday 
    8:00 - 4:30
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Who can use our Services?

Anyone who possesses a valid laboratory requisition from a doctor or nurse practitioner and a valid Nova Scotia Health Card Number can use the service.

Specimen delivery and Results

Specimens are delivered to the Aberdeen Hospital Laboratory for testing within 90 minutes of being collected. The results are reported to the ordering provider the same way as if the samples were collected at a Nova Scotia Health Authority location.

Collection times: Monday to Friday 7:00 to 12:15

Proudly Serving

Covid-19 Protocol

The world and how we navigate our daily routines have changed dramatically. More than ever before, people are looking for safer ways of doing things. Medi-Clin is proud to be able to help those efforts by bringing mobile lab collection services directly to anyone who requires it at home or work.

Medi-Clin Blood Collection Service, in consultation with Occupational and Public Health, has developed a comprehensive Infection Protection and Control policy for COVID-19 ensuring client safety.


  • Medi-Clin staff screen daily for symptoms of COVID-19 and monitor temperature.
  • Pre-screen clients by phone prior to the visit.
  • A fresh full length lab coat or medical gown, gloves and mask are worn at each visit. If indicated, a face shield is worn in addition to the mask.


Our Pricing

Local Service Area

Little Harbour
Lyons Brook
MacLellan’s Brook
Mount William
New Glasgow

Local Area Pricing

$34.78 + $5.22 HST = $40.00

Same Visit Collection for Spouse

$17.39 + $2.61 HST = $20.00

Outside Local Area Pricing

Distance Price HST Total
 1 - 15 kms $41.74 $6.26 $48.00
16 - 30 kms $50.44 $7.56 $58.00
31 - 45 kms $59.13 $8.87 $68.00

Please note: An additional $5.00 Covid-19 PPE Surcharge is now applicable to collection fees

Accepted Methods of Payment:

Credit Cards, Debit Cards, Cash, Cheque or E-transfer

Insurance Coverage

Approved provider for Veteran Affairs.

Depending on a patient’s policy, some health insurance companies do cover the cost of in-home blood collection provided there is a medical reason to support the claim. For information regarding coverage, the patient would need to contact their insurance provider directly.

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"The convenience of carefully scheduled at home blood collection service was especially appreciated during my demanding teaching career, an added bonus being the warmly professional manner in which it was delivered."



"As a former Medical Laboratory Technologist and a Medi-Clin client, I greatly appreciate the skill and competency in which the service has been delivered each and every time."



"My husband and I recently required blood collection. We contacted Medi-Clin and were able to quickly book an appointment that was prompt and convenient to our schedule in our home."


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